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Ugly Tuna’s Poker Club Live Poker Event


Peter Yozzo

2018 Executive Game Winner


GAME: Ugly Tuna's 2019 Executive Game

DATE: November 2019


Executive Game

Big Blind Ante Structure

Ugly Tuna Poker Club has implemented the “Big Blind Ante” for our Executive Game.

Instead of each player at the table anteing and the dealer having to sort out who has posted and who hasn’t, and collect all the antes, making change where necessary, a single player in the big blind will post the antes for the table.

The amount of the Big Blind Ante is always the same amount as the Big Blind and the number of players at the table is irrelevant. This simplifies the ante process immensely and keeps the game from slowing down once the antes kick in.

Now the player in the Big Blind will post the Big Blind amount for the blind and another Big Blind amount for the table’s antes. If the player in the big blind doesn’t have enough chips to cover both, his/her chips go toward the Big Blind first, then any chips remaining go toward the BB Ante.

Once the Final Table has been reached each player will revert to an individual ante.  The Tournament Director will determine and announce the individual ante for each level at the Final Table.