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Ugly Tuna’s 2019 Summer Poker Open

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Registered Players

Below is the current registration list for Ugly Tuna’s 2019 Summer Poker Open. This is the inaugural poker event, which will be hosted seasonally. Each Poker Open includes an Ugly Tuna Trophy.

Final Table will be recorded and highlights will be posted on our website.

(1) Greg Candido (UglyTuna23)

(2) Jim Refino (WGACA11) <- Satellite Winner

(3) Al Riccobono (bigalric16)

(4) Rich Sklar (richNYC10567)

(5) Brendan Cook (celebren)

(6) Travis Taylor (Boognish2017)

(7) Scott Lichtman (scottlgiants)

(8) Tom Ernst (Tombraiders4)

(9) Andrea Beliveau (LeChipBurner)

(10) Tony Bueti (InterTony2)