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Ugly Tuna Chip Race

Satellite to the Foxwood 2019 WSOP Main Event Qualifier

Registered Players

The Ugly Tuna is hosting a new satellite dubbed the ‘Ugly Tuna Chip Race’, a satellite to Foxwoods WSOP Main Event Qualifier event.

The ‘Chip Race’ allows you to win your seat at 250,000 chips.  Our event allows players to buyin for $150 and begins with a starting stack of 25,000.  Once a player accumulates 250,000 chips, that player wins a seat into the Foxwoods WSOP Satellite Qualifier. The winner's chips will be divided among the remaining players and added to their stack until the last seat is won. This event is capped at 20 players. The two winners will be awarded $100 travel money.


(1) Greg Candido

(2) Joe Incardona

(3) Gene Pink

(4) Brendan Cook

(5) Tony Giacalone

(6) David Zeitlin

(7) Dennis Guenthner

(8) Andy Chasen

(9) Jason Rehm

(10) John Pieza

(11) Claude Mounayar

(12) Vinny Gutta

(13) Sherrie Nachamkin

(14) Hector Santucci

(15) Jim Refino

(16) Ed Harris

(17) Joe Grimaldi

(18) Eric Kitain

(19) Rick Stockfield

(20) Rob Pardo

Alternate List:

(1) Bob Kearney